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Disability Management Program

Services are provided to reduce the incidence and cost of work-related injuries, to facilitate successful and timely return to work programs, and to increase employee awareness on injury prevention. The areas of potential high risk of injury are identified and strategies for injury prevention are outlined. Services may include: ergonomic and job site assessments, post employment screening, job site modifications, return to work programs and education on stretching, back education and lifting techniques, stress management techniques and ergonomic principles.

Components of the Occupational Ergonomic Program:

  • Needs Analysis:  A combination of an ergonomic survey and an on-site assessment is used to identify and analyze high risk areas and to evaluate your company’s disability management needs.
  • Disability Management/Rehabilitation: 
    • Case Management – Involves early intervention with effective treatment and timely and safe return to work programs.  Occupational therapists work in collaboration with the physician and other involved medical professionals to ensure a comprehensive approach.
    • Work Conditioning/Work Simulation – Implementation of individualized work conditioning programs and work simulation in preparation for returning to a specific job.
    • Post-employment screening – Testing of employees physical capabilities as compared to the demands of a work position; to determine safe placement of new employees.
    • Job Analysis – Evaluation of the physical demands and requirements of specific jobs to determine employee placement, ergonomic risks, and/or a return to work schedule.
    • Functional Capacity Evaluation – Evaluation of an employees overall work capability.
  • Injury Prevention: 
    • Education & Training – Training and education on stretching, back education and lifting techniques, stress management techniques and ergonomic principles.
    • Fitness Programs – Provision of job-specific stretching and strengthening programs to reduce risk of specific injury and to maintain the physical fitness required to perform work safely and efficiently.  Programs take place on-site, if appropriate.
    • Ergonomic Analysis – On-site evaluation of work equipment, environment, and employee technique.  Strategies and or equipment is recommended to reduce the stress on joints and promote injury prevention.

Benefits of the Disability Management Program:

  • Reduced injury/reinjury rates, absenteeism due to injury, and Work Safe BC premiums.
  • Educate employers/employees on safe work habits, potential hazards in the workplace.
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction.
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